Litz for iOS is a very useful app for readers

I've bought the app Litz for iOS. It's a speedreading app that actually works. You can import epub ebooks , pdf files, docs and more from Dropbox , Google drive and iCloud drive. You can also connect your Pocket and Instapaper account and read articles a lot faster. You read faster the more you practice. I can read 480 words a minute now, so I can read a thick novel in just a few hours with ease. Unfortunately is the pocket and instapaper connection quite buggy though, not all articles shows up in Litz, just a few of them. And the ui for that specific feature is very glitchy. But reading ebooks works perfectly fine.

I like this app a lot because it really works. You can read faster with it. A lot faster. Other Apps I've tried that uses the Spritz technology doesn't have the natural pauses that Litz has. That makes a huge difference when it cones to understanding what you read.

And its very easy to import files from Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud drive into Litz. When it comes to ebooks though, they need to be DRM free and in epub format. But Litz also support pdf, txt, docx too.

So its time to start reading books again.

If you can't watch the video above, click here: Litz for iOS - speed reading that works!

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Litz - read better and faster - speed reading app for iOS

I bought the Pro version of the Litz speed reading app for iOS today. It's $4 but seems to be worth it. Supports epub, pdf. Docx and Pocket and Instapaper. You can transfer files via iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive. It syncs between your devices. You can read up to 1500 words per minute with a lot of practice of the effective Litz read technique . I read 400 words per minute without problems and will raise the speed after more practise .

Litz features

  • • Litz reading method up to 1500 words per minute
  • • Litz Store: more than 10.000 free eBooks from Feedbooks in english, french, spanish, italian and german
  • • Articles section with Pocket, Instapaper and Web browsing. Use your Litz account to synchronize all your articles on all your devices. Retrieve articles from the built-in browser and add favorites.
  • • Intelligent algorithm with automatic pauses on full stop characters
  • • Intuitive gestures to pause, read, go faster or slower, rewind and forward and more
  • • Bookmarks: highlight and annotate
  • • Search
  • • Chapters reflect pages in your PDF files or actual chapters in eBooks
  • • Choose the word or the chapter to start reading from. Go forward or rewind within a chapter
  • • Last position is bookmarked
  • • Portrait and landscape modes
  • • Black, white and Sepia themes
  • • Select suited fonts and Open Dyslexic font
  • • Docx, PDF, ePub and text import (when compatible)
  • • Import within the application with your Dropbox, Google Drive
  • • Import from any source application: Mail, Dropbox, Safari, Pages and much more
  • • Import from iTunes file sharing
  • • Easily edit, duplicate or delete your documents from the documents view
  • • FAQ section to help you start quickly
  • • Active support
  • • You can import non DRM protected files from your iBooks account using iBooks on your computer. The process is described inside the application