12.9-inch iPad Pro will have USB 3.0 ports and go into production in September

It looks like the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro / iPad plus will be delayed. Production will start in September this year. The latest rumor also says that it will come with USB 3.0 ports and also the possibility to connect a keyboard and mouse. Personally I still thinks the rumored 12-inch MacBook Air and the 12-inch iPad Pro is the same device. Check this video out!


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Samsung is embarrassing: they not only copies the hardware, they copy UI elements from iOS too

Samsung copies so much from the iPhone with the new Galaxy S6 so it's embarrassing to see. It's not only the hardware design, it's also some elements from the OS. For example the setup display for Samsung Pay, and the new Samsung touch keyboard… It's hilarious.

Samsung Pay:

Apple Pay:

Samsung Keyboard (photo source):

Apple Keyboard:

Via Samsung’s latest iPhone clone doesn’t stop at hardware | Cult of Mac:

It’s easy to see how Samsung ripped off the iPhone with the Galaxy S6’s hardware. The metallic frame with chamfered edges, antenna bands, and very familiar port positioning is blatantly taken from the iPhone 6.

But Samsung hasn’t just copied the way the iPhone looks physically. It’s also replicated elements of iOS in a way that’s so evident it’s embarrassing.

Here is how much the Samsung Galaxy S6 looks like the iPhone 6:

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