About the Apple Watch prices and the longer life cycle

After I posted the leaked Apple Watch prices on Svartling Network I've been thinking, I don't think the prices is so expensive really. The Apple Watch is not a normal smartwatch, it's so much more. You make an investment for a much longer time. The life cycle is much longer. Watch this Vlog with my thoughts!

My post with the leaked prices.

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Apple Watch prices leaked! Ranges from $349 to $20,000....

Wow! Well if these prices are correct, then there is only the “sport edition” that is a possible purchase for me… But maybe I can go for the space gray aluminum for $429 at least, but even that price is a bit steep.. So eventually it could be a white for $379 too.. I don't know really… Hopefully these prices are wrong.. Click through to see all leaked prices from 12 photos.

Via Apple Watch Prices Leaked: From $349 to $20,000 USD:

Following the post with 12 images from the EnjoyPhoneBlog.it blog, Apple Watch has prices from $349 for the lowest model and $20,000 for the highest model with 18K solid gold.

Here is one of many videos where I'm talking about the Apple Watch:

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