I'm already living in the post-pc world & loving it

I'm already living in the post-pc world and I'm loving it. I've done that for 10 months. My computer idle now and are only used as a media center. My iPad has replaced it for content creation and productivity. My computer is connected to a TV and has become a media consuming device for my family. I'm using a combination of powerful automation apps, content creation Apps and a real requirement to do work in places that aren’t suited to using ‘real computers.’

It’s another example of how iOS, Apple, and its third-party developers have torn down the walls that previously made the iPad a glorified web browser. Stop thinking about the iPad as a media consuming device and start create!

People would probably say that these kinds of things shouldn’t be done on an iPad – but that’s part of the charm for me.

You have to take the step and give it a try as I did in January this year. As I said the video - in the beginning it's overwhelming but when you have found solutions for the things you don't know how to do, then you will realize that it's even easier and faster to do the same things on the iPad.

I don’t see a need to use a computer in my day-to-day life anymore. Hopefully more people can see what I see.

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Nuzzel for iOS is one of my favorite apps - my review (video)

Nuzzel is the first news reading app for iOS that can replace the Discovery tab in the official Twitter app. It's really good and can filter your Twitter stream to only view the news you want to see.

If you had a busy day and is not up to date with the news. Then you can for example choose to only see the news from the latest 24 hours or 8 hours.

If you feel really updated, then choose the last hour or maybe the last two hours.

And you always get the news that's important and what you want to see.

And I really like the notifications you can customize when you want to get them. For example after three retweets. And I absolutely love the emails with the news I want, when I want it.

Watch my thorough video about Nuzzel above. I can highly recommend Nuzzel. One of my favorite Apps at the moment.

AppStore: Nuzzel: News From Your Friends by Nuzzel

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