TravelCard - a very thin battery charger for iOS devices (a model for android is available too)

I've got a really thin and small battery charging card for my iOS devices. It's so small that it fits in a wallet. The TravelCard Charger is a very thin charging card for iOS devices (there is a model for android too). It can charge an iPhone to 51%.


Watch this video with my unboxing and first hands-on:

Order yours from for $45.

This is how you can change the key (pitch) on a specific loop in GarageBand for iOS (iPad)

I started experimenting with GarageBand for the iPad yesterday, and noticed that there was no built in feature for changing the Key (pitch) on a specific loop when creating music. You can only change the Key for the whole song. That's quite bad. You can in GarageBand for Mac though.

Change key in GarageBand

After doing some searching on the web I realized that there was more users with the same problem but no one had a solution for it. So I started to try to find a solution myself and after a while I found a way doing it. It only works on Apple loops though and not on audio you record directly in GarageBand.

Loops with different keys playing

Watch the video below to see how I do it.

Here is how to change the Key on a specific loop in GarageBand for iOS (iPad):