Pebble's new gold colored smartwatch is heavily "inspired" by the Apple Watch

So, it's not only Samsung that get “inspired” by Apple when they design their devices…. Pebble's new gold colored smartwatch looks almost identical to Apple Watch. Even the red strap has the exact same color…. I think this is going to far now.. Apple needs to start suing again. Check the comparison below (Apple Watch to the left):

Via Does Pebble’s new gold-colored Time Steel smartwatch look familiar to you? | 9to5Mac:

A week after Pebble announced a color-screen version of its popular smartwatch, the Pebble Time, it has now announced a stainless steel model: the Pebble Time Steel. The metal version is available in silver, black and … gold finishes. Wonder where they got the inspiration for a gold finish with red strap?

Here is my video about the heavily iPhone “inspired” Samsung Galaxy S6:

Samsung Galaxy S6 is clearly "influenced" by Apple's iPhone 6

So Samsung has presented the Galaxy S6, and it's not hard to see where they got the "inspiration" for the design from... Kinda hilarious really. It has a quite obvious iPhone 6 design. Even the headphones/headset that comes with it is heavily "inspired" of the iPhone EarPods...

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