This is how you can change the key (pitch) on a specific loop in GarageBand for iOS (iPad)

I started experimenting with GarageBand for the iPad yesterday, and noticed that there was no built in feature for changing the Key (pitch) on a specific loop when creating music. You can only change the Key for the whole song. That's quite bad. You can in GarageBand for Mac though.

Change key in GarageBand

After doing some searching on the web I realized that there was more users with the same problem but no one had a solution for it. So I started to try to find a solution myself and after a while I found a way doing it. It only works on Apple loops though and not on audio you record directly in GarageBand.

Loops with different keys playing

Watch the video below to see how I do it.

Here is how to change the Key on a specific loop in GarageBand for iOS (iPad):

Music Making on iOS devices has become huge - another proof that the iPad is a great content creation device

What many don't know is that this website was earlier one of the biggest sites about Making Music with computers1, and that I have done quite a few music tracks myself during the years. I even got some of my music released on a record label once ;)

Cubasis from Steinberg

A lot has happened since then, and this site is now about tech and a lot about Apple and the iOS devices.

I have still a passion for content creation though, but nowadays the passion for that is on iOS devices instead, and specifically on the iPad. And I have lately been more and more interested in starting to create music again (mainly for music in my YouTube videos), but this time on my iPad only.

iOS sequencer

I often push for iOS content creators and will keep doing that, and if I start creating music on my iPad too and not only videos and blog posts, then I will of course post about that and probably make videos about it too. I will probably wait for the next iPad Air so that I can buy a 64GB or 128GB model before I start making music on it though.

Below you can see a video on how big the music making scene on iOS has become. This is a huge advantage iOS has over Android. A lot of professional companies are making professional Apps for iOS to make it possible to use iOS devices to create content with.

Wave editor

See this video:

iOS synthesizer Midi editor

  1. Under the name “Making Music”. I decided to rename the site when I stopped blogging about Music Making.