Effect: AiXcoustic Creations - Electri-Q 1.8.5

Electri-Q music making software

Aixcoustic Creations has updated the phase EQ plugin Electri-Q to version 1.8.5.

Major stability improvements and bugfixes
Vista ready
Cubase 4.5 ready
Curve drawing/update is accelerated
menu button integrated
Graphical glitches fixed
Installer issues fixed
Delete registry settings added to deinstaller
Standalone colour fix for Windows XP & VISTA
Fixed a bug that crashed the plugin on start-up (made it unusable)
Fixed a possible bug caused by rapid preset changing
Fixed parameter structure embedded for the latest Steinberg hosts
Cubase 4 automation bug fix (*)
Cubase 4 memory bugs solved
Several bug fixes and stability improvements

Price: 99.90€
Read about a previous version here.

"The plugin offers two different algorithms. The algorithm 'Analog' was modelled on a transistor based circuit of a real analog EQ. On the other hand 'Digital' is a pure and neutral digital EQ without any coloration." Link

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