Odo - Purple v2.1 (Pc/Free)

purple is a fm synth
and has 4 operators with 8 routings
every operator has 5 waveforms sine/saw/ramp/triangle
his own Env.(HAHDSRL and T Time)
note octave and fine tune
a negitive and positive option for the env.

2 filters with envs(HAHDSRL and T Time)
filter types :lowpass bandpass hipass
mod ADSR mainy used for the Pitch of the operators
the mod ADSR can repeat it selfs at BPM speeds
one exta phasemodulation knob and Curve for the Operators
BPM stereo delay
2 BPM Sync Lfos with destinations phasemodulation depth op2 op3 op4 and filter cutoff 1 and 2


* Added pmd/cutoff/volume velocity controls

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