New Free Watch Face: SVARTLING Seatraveller Chronograph

I’ve been working on a new watch face that as usual works with the Watchmaker app and supports both WearOS and Tizen OS watches, so check what watches Watchmaker supports instead of asking me all the time if your watch is supported. I have nothing to do with the app itself. I just design watch faces for fun and pleasure.

The new watch face is in my own watch series called SVARTLING, and is one of my first Chronographs I’ve made. I actually don’t like chronographs but this one I like quite much, so I hope you like it. It’s called SVARTLING Seatraveller Chronograph and is only available for download here on my own website.

Nowadays it’s quite hard for me to design watch faces because I don’t own a compatible watch myself anymore (I only own Apple Watches). My old Huawei Watch 1 has died, so this time a friend of mine tested it for me on his Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, and it worked great. You can see an image of it on the Galaxy Watch 4 above.

The Chronograph feature works like this:

Tap at 11 for start and stop. Tap 1 for reset.

Below you find the download link, and also a link to all my watch faces, and a link to where you can read and watch how to install them. Please note that apparently the WatchMaker developers has done some changes, so that after you have downloaded the watch face to your phone, then you need to move it to another directory to be able to import it to the WatchMaker app. I don’t know why, and if you want to know, contact the Watchmaker app support instead of me.

And a lot of comments and questions to me has been about how to download the file from the Dropbox link, and to be honest with you, I think it is easy, just tap on the right link on the page and choose download to device instead of to your Dropbox account. If you don’t understand how, maybe you should learn how Dropbox works before asking me.

Remember, I do this for pleasure and offer you my watch faces for free. Support doesn’t come with that. It takes about 3 months for me to create every watch face. I draw them by hand in the app Sketch on my Mac, and then assemble everything and code it in the WatchMaker app.

Download here

On this page you can find all my watch faces

Read and watch how to download and install them here

Watch Latest Video:


  1. Wow, it's beautiful watch!

  2. Anonymous01:44

    Beautifully designed! Keep up the good work and looking forward for a new watch faces from u!

  3. Anonymous12:32

    I have already done this watch faces before ...

  4. Anonymous00:35

    Amazing. Just amazing!

  5. Anonymous23:25

    Best watch faces BY FAR!!!! Have most all of them and they are all I use! Thank you so much Stefan. Love all the MeisterSinger ones, but the Svartling Seatraveller is actually my favorite! 😃

  6. Anonymous15:27

    Brilliant ! Beautiful chronograph. Very useful indeed. Thank you so much for sharing !

  7. stefan i have a problem and i need your help. i bought de app in play store and when i try to download any watchface, these are dowloaded in .watch and i can't import them in the app. Plase i like to use all of whatchfaces!!

    1. Anonymous07:07

      I have answered this a lot of times. Just move the files to another folder on your phone before importing them

    2. Thanks for replying patience 😊

  8. Anonymous21:52

    Register for drop box and save to there. Them open my watches and click on the 3 buttons on the top right and import from here


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