iBeat OpenMusic - free beats breaks loops and sessions (Pc/Mac/Universal/Free)

Free Wave Music Samples

Hassle free wave downloads for the music creation community!
Single shots as well as loops and complete sessions. Everything is original - and you won't find it anywhere else. This is moderated sound, open and at its best.

Providing free loops and samples - as well as linking to updated resources, so you don't have to click in vain.

iBeat is a user space just as well as a download site - so anything added will in large part be dictated by the community. The team will continue to add material on a regular basis.

"Tag browsing, sample packs and unlimited leeching We've tried to cram audio into sample packs while keeping the shot, loop, session divide. Everything is search-able by tags for ease of navigation and inspiration. Furthermore, you don't need to be logged in - just leech all the fun stuff you want." Via

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