Modular Software: Smider - Noiseplug / Mac / Free


Free Music Software: Smider presents Noiseplug, a FREE modular software for Mac OS X

Made for digital noise ambient and minimal glitch music. Sounds to be perfect for me! :)

This software is created for sound design and audio digital processing in real-time.

Inside dsp:

  • 1.convolution filter module

  • 1.drum machine

  • 1.trigger sample buffer

  • 1.bit and sample rate reducer

  • 1.classic cascade filter

  • 1.sub bass

  • 1. sonogram

  • 1. filter 320 bands (fft)

  • 1. delay

  • 1. spectral delay and reverb with stereo granular

  • 1. mixer for channel and dsp

  • 4. sampler with random player

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