Is it really harder to develop for Android because of different screen sizes?

I have a few times asked why there is not so many professional android apps available as it is for iOS. For example video editing apps, music making apps to name a few.

And when doing that I always get some replies (from iPhone fans) that it is so much harder to develop for Android because of all the different screen sizes, but is that really the truth?

Is it harder to develop for Android than it is for iOS because of all the different screen sizes?
My guess is no, but I am no developer.

But I finally got a brilliant answer to this in a comment on one of my Google+ posts:

+Prem Suraj : I develop natively on Android. Haven't used phonegap. Native development in android is screen size agnostic. It only depends on the resolution. Different devices with are placed in different categories according to their resolution or screen densities. you have ldpi, hdpi, xdpi etc. You create different layouts in xml for each category. Your business logic or the rest of the code never needs to know which layout is currently loaded. That is done by the OS itself. Its been more than a year since I started development on Android and have never had an issue with screen sizes being different. Though I'm not sure how phonegap and the like works.

So there you go, a perfect answer to this question really. Screen sizes doesn't matter, only screen resolutions and that is very easy to solve by adding all the supported resolutions to an XML file.

So thank you for this answer +Prem Suraj !

Watch the vlog above for all my thoughts about this.