SVARTLING is both a YouTube Channel and Web Site by Stefan Svartling. It's about living Life, Technology, Android, Apple, Google, Samsung, Watches, Watch faces, Apps, Books, Reading, Beer, Privacy, Security, Photos and much more. He is a big user of Google+ as you can see from his huge following crowd. He has over 69,000 followers on Google+, and over 42 million views of his posts/videos there!! He also owns the largest Apple Community on Google+ with over 700,000 members. Welcome to join! He also uses Twitter a lot and has over 17,000 followers there. He is also an active magazine editor at Flipboard! So follow him there too.

He makes videos and articles mostly about Android, Google, Chromebooks, Apple, iPhone, iPad, iOS and Mac.

You can contact Stefan Svartling on this email address svartling@gmail.com.

You can of course also contact him on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook too if you prefer social media over email.

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