ChineeKong v2.6.2

ChineeKong V2 is a sample-based Chinese percussion VSTi that comes with over 500mb of professionally recorded sample content and brings you the most authentic percussion sound originated from various parts of China. A sound that most of the Western world haven't heard of before, until now.

ChineeKong V2 has six main categories: Luo(Gongs), NaoBo(Cymbals), GuZu(Drum sets), BanBang(Wood Percussion), ZhongLing(Bells), and QiTa(MISC), divided into a total number of 35 subsets.

These instruments are being used widely in today's Chinese pop music and film scores.

ChineeKong changes:

* Advanced Control Panel: added key-mapping, output grouping, and splitting capability to the main plugin.
* A Stand-Alone Shell is provided to all registered users for free.

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