Artillery v1.2

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From the site:

- is the first FX keyboard in the world.
The new technologies released in this plugin expand your possibilities of creating music in a way you could not imagine before.
Full midi- and hostautomation, internal, freely assignable modulators and the keyboard as central control unit make ARTILLERY the most modern multi effect so far.

- gives inspiration with new concepts.
This plugin makes it possible to realize your imaginations faster and easier.
Lots of effects are available now in one handy unit, triggered and controlled by midi, host automation or integrated controllers.

Featured effects:
- Loop
- Amp
- FFT Effects
- Filter
- Phaser
- Flanger
- Equalizer

- Chorus
- Delay
- Reverb
- Destruction
- Microsampler
- Harmonizer
- WIN 2k/XP: VST


* Added Equalizer and Harmonizer.
* Mac OS X OS 10.4 compatibility.

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