Uncut Plugins - WhiteLightning (Pc/Free)

White Lightning
(90 Patches)
2 Unison Oscillators 16 Voice 7 Waveforms Sine,Saw,Ramp,Triangle,Pulse,(PWM)White Noise,Pink
Noise.Mute Button on each Oscillator
2 ADSR Oscillator Enevelopes
1 Harmonic Oscillator 1-8 Harmonics ADSR
ON/OFF Level Adj
Tuning Octave +1+2+3 -1-2 Course 1-11 Semitones
Fine +/- 1/2 Semitone.Detune Unison Osc 3 Modes
Classic,Central A,Central B,Note Hold (Mono Poly)
Poly Decreases with Number of Unison Voices
(32 Note Poly @ 1 Voice)(2 Note @ 16 Voice)
Portamento,Retrigger,Keyboard Tracking(Cut,Res,Pan)
Oscillator A B C Level Adj

1 Arpegeator,6 Modes Arp Hold 4 Octave Range.
3 SV Filters 12-24db Low Pass,Hi Pass,Band Pass,
Band Regect,(Notch)

2 HAHDSR VCF Enevelopes 13 Enevelope Contours
Time(Ratio)(Restart or Pickup) Modes of Operation.

2 LFO'S Sync to Host BPM 1/8-64
6 Wave Forms,Retrigger
Sine,Ramp Up, Ramp Down,Triangle,Pulse,S & H

2 Random Generators (2-64)Cycles,Pitch Track,Smooth

2 HAHDSR Modulation Enevelopes,13 Enevelope Contours
Time (Ratio)
4 Mod Sources LFO 1&2 RND 1&2
15 Mod Destinations

Distortion,Chorus/Flanger,Delay 2 Modes,Reverb
Auto Pan,Stereo Width

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