VSamp v3.7 released (Mac/Universal)


* Universal binary. New in version 3.7
* 128 voice polyphony.
* 24-bit / 192kHz support.
* Resonant lowpass filters with realtime control.
* Low frequency oscillators to modulate pitch and filters.
* A VST and AudioUnits plugin for playing VSamp instruments and banks from within Cubase, Logic, Garageband, Performer and other sequencers.
* Very stable and CPU-efficient sample player.
* High performance disk streaming or load samples into RAM.
* Import SampleCell and SoundFont samples and keymaps.
* Support for MacOS X including CoreMIDI Services, VST and AudioUnits
* A price of just $39* for a single license. Site and World licenses also available.

What is VSamp?

VSamp is a software sample player for the Macintosh. It comprises: a program for creating and playing virtual instruments; a VST plugin for playing VSamp instruments from within a VST sequencer; and an AudioUnits plugin for playing VSamp instruments from within an AudioUnits sequencer.

# Up to 64 stereo sample playback = 128 voice polyphony.
# 32-bit output (VSamp application under Mac OS 7, 8 or 9 limited to 16-bit).
# Up to 192 kHz output (VSamp application under Mac OS 7, 8 or 9 limited to 48 kHz).
# Load samples into RAM for higher performance or stream from disk for lower RAM usage.
# 128 resonant lowpass filters with realtime MIDI control and modulation.
# LFO to modulate pitch and filters
# 5-stage AHDSR envelope configurable for each sample.
# Compatible with sequencers running MacOS X MIDI services, OMS and FreeMIDI.
# Compatibility with major soundfile formats including AIFF, WAVE and SDII.
# Import SoundFont2 and SampleCell 2.x samples and instrument keymaps.

System Requirements:

* Best with a fast mac (Intel, G4 or G5 processor recommended) but will work with any mac with PowerPC or Intel processor.
* At least 32MB available RAM.
* System 7.5 or later, including MacOS X (at least 10.2.8 and QuickTime 6.5).
* MacOS X: supports MacOS X built-in MIDI services, AudioUnits and CoreAudio services.
* MacOS 7, 8 and 9: Requires OMS 2.0 or greater or FreeMIDI 1.34 or later (free from MOTU).
* A VST2-compatible sequencer if you want to use VSamp VST.
* An AudioUnits-compatible sequencer if you want to use VSamp AU.


VSamp is fully compatible with MacOS 7.5 through to MacOS X (10.2.8 to 10.4.x).

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