VSamp v3.7 released (Mac/Universal)


* Universal binary. New in version 3.7
* 128 voice polyphony.
* 24-bit / 192kHz support.
* Resonant lowpass filters with realtime control.
* Low frequency oscillators to modulate pitch and filters.
* A VST and AudioUnits plugin for playing VSamp instruments and banks from within Cubase, Logic, Garageband, Performer and other sequencers.
* Very stable and CPU-efficient sample player.
* High performance disk streaming or load samples into RAM.
* Import SampleCell and SoundFont samples and keymaps.
* Support for MacOS X including CoreMIDI Services, VST and AudioUnits
* A price of just $39* for a single license. Site and World licenses also available.

What is VSamp?

VSamp is a software sample player for the Macintosh. It comprises: a program for creating and playing virtual instruments; a VST plugin for playing VSamp instruments from within a VST sequencer; and an AudioUnits plugin for playing VSamp instruments from within an AudioUnits sequencer.

# Up to 64 stereo sample playback = 128 voice polyphony.
# 32-bit output (VSamp application under Mac OS 7, 8 or 9 limited to 16-bit).
# Up to 192 kHz output (VSamp application under Mac OS 7, 8 or 9 limited to 48 kHz).
# Load samples into RAM for higher performance or stream from disk for lower RAM usage.
# 128 resonant lowpass filters with realtime MIDI control and modulation.
# LFO to modulate pitch and filters
# 5-stage AHDSR envelope configurable for each sample.
# Compatible with sequencers running MacOS X MIDI services, OMS and FreeMIDI.
# Compatibility with major soundfile formats including AIFF, WAVE and SDII.
# Import SoundFont2 and SampleCell 2.x samples and instrument keymaps.

System Requirements:

* Best with a fast mac (Intel, G4 or G5 processor recommended) but will work with any mac with PowerPC or Intel processor.
* At least 32MB available RAM.
* System 7.5 or later, including MacOS X (at least 10.2.8 and QuickTime 6.5).
* MacOS X: supports MacOS X built-in MIDI services, AudioUnits and CoreAudio services.
* MacOS 7, 8 and 9: Requires OMS 2.0 or greater or FreeMIDI 1.34 or later (free from MOTU).
* A VST2-compatible sequencer if you want to use VSamp VST.
* An AudioUnits-compatible sequencer if you want to use VSamp AU.


VSamp is fully compatible with MacOS 7.5 through to MacOS X (10.2.8 to 10.4.x).


  1. Anonymous15:33

    i would be using this right now but the the buttons to load, clear and reload simply don't work on the vst plugin.

    emailed the developer, no whirred back.

    this app is great though. the kontakt, battery, halion type sampling plugins are way too overdressed for those of us raised on akai 1000's.

  2. That's strange..
    Maybe a bug?
    Or you could maybe try to installed it again.
    Thanks for the info!


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