ASWave - PolyKeys beta (Pc/Free)

PolyKeys is a nice little FREE VST synthesizer.

- 3 Oscillators (each one with 5 waveform: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Square)
- 2 Filters (the second filter with 2 source: Filter 1 or Oscillators)
- 2 Envelopes (one for the Amp and one for the 3 Osc and 2 Filters modulation)
- 2 LFO (with 5 waveform)
- Effect section: Reverb, Delay, Soft Drive, Autopan, Flanger/Chorus
- A simple Arpeggiator (with 4 mode: Up, Down, Random1, Random2)
- The beta version has ony 16 program patch.
It will be upgraded soon.

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