Cockos - REAPER v2.002


  • audio worker thread priority now defaults to "highest"
  • added prefs/media/midi page
  • option for MIDI octave offset, changed default, use "2" for old behavior
  • better looking faster-drawn peaks
  • ReaEQ and ReaTune now use octave offset option
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: note display option (for range)
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: new mode for forcing semitone shifts (for easier configuration)
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: sending of VST note names for MIDI editor
  • moved JS configuration page into plug-ins page
  • peak file generation: better end-of-file mip flushing
  • fixed clipped wave item peaks misdrawing at certain zoom levels
  • fixed extra peakfile generation on preview of media
  • Till's JS FX (in 2.0)
  • New Loser JS FX
Plus, all of the new goodness of v2.0:
  • New pitch/timestretch modes: elastique Pro, Efficient, and SOLOIST
  • Nicer looking default theme by WhiteTie (old still available via classic)
  • New extended mixer views (FX inserts, sends, etc), with uber-drag and drop editing
  • Performance improvements in many areas, including support for multiprocessing with UAD-1
  • New ReaPitch pitch shifter plug-in, ReaTune now can use advance pitch shifter modes
  • MIDI editor and playback improvements, MID file tempo map importing
  • Tempo/time signature change improvements
  • New automation options to make adding large amounts of automation easier
  • Improved plug-in compatibility, JS enhancements (including full PDC for JS effects!)
  • Tons of small fixes, refinements, and enhancements (pages and pages that won't fit here)

Read more about Reaper 2.0 here.

"REAPER is a powerful Windows application for multitrack recording and editing of audio." Via

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