Synthesizer: Tek'it Audio - Genobazz / Pc / Free

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Tek’it Audio unveils Genobazz 1.1, a free synth for Windows.


  • - 8 Waveforms: saw, square, pulse, double sine, saw-pulse, reso1, reso2 and reso3

  • - 6 Filter types: Fat low pass, 24dB low pass, VCF Ladder, Modulo low pass, 36dB State Variable, Fat filter

  • - Full MIDI automation and MIDI learn on all parameters

  • - 2 Waveforms modulation types

  • - Integrated Patch manager

  • - 32 Factory sound presets

  • - Note play mode control

  • - Easy installer

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"Genobazz is a free monophonic bass synthesizer plugin, designed to be simple to use, for all your bass need." Tek'it Audio

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