WIMP: Apples iWatch, iPhone 5S and a 7-inch Nokia Lumia Windows 8 Tablet

Here is what I think about the rumored iWatch, or iPhone mini/iPhone Air. I don't think it will be so squared. It will use curved glass, Siri and facetime. Maybe also some kind of swipe keyboard. I also talks about iPhone 5S that it will only be a minor update. And also about a leaked picture of a 7-inch Nokia Lumia Windows Tablet. They need to do a tablet. 7-inch is the way to go. The future is for phablets, and devices between 5-7 inch.

What's In My Pocket (WIMP):

What the Apple iWatch Could Look Like (Video)

With MWC Nearing, More Evidence Of A Nokia Tablet Emerges

iPhone 5S Launch Date Once Again Pegged for Summer

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