Nuzzel for iOS is one of my favorite apps - my review (video)

Nuzzel is the first news reading app for iOS that can replace the Discovery tab in the official Twitter app. It's really good and can filter your Twitter stream to only view the news you want to see.

If you had a busy day and is not up to date with the news. Then you can for example choose to only see the news from the latest 24 hours or 8 hours.

If you feel really updated, then choose the last hour or maybe the last two hours.

And you always get the news that's important and what you want to see.

And I really like the notifications you can customize when you want to get them. For example after three retweets. And I absolutely love the emails with the news I want, when I want it.

Watch my thorough video about Nuzzel above. I can highly recommend Nuzzel. One of my favorite Apps at the moment.

AppStore: Nuzzel: News From Your Friends by Nuzzel

If you can't watch the video above, click here : Nuzzel For iOS - Finally The Twitter News You Want To See

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It's a quite big difference between the iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 - here is my first impressions

I love my new iPad Air 2 in gold. It's a lot faster than the iPad Air 1. Apps opens faster, you can swipe between them faster and even the wifi connection is faster! Even if I don't have a new ac router. I only have an “n” router but the speed is noticeably better on the new iPad Air 2.

And you can practically feel that it now has 2GB RAM. Huge difference.

And the screen is a lot crisper and sharper. I absolutely love it. Much clearer to work on now.

And the thinness of the device makes it feel smaller than the iPad Air 1. And the white bezels on the front together with the thinness makes it almost feel like an iPad mini. Yes of course it's an illusion but in a good way.

Watch my thorough first impressions video above. I'm sure you will like it.

The video is recorded with the iPhone 6 and edited on my iPad Air 2. If you can't watch the video above, click here : iPad Air 2 - My Hands-on & First Impressions

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