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No to SEO

Maybe We Should Break Up With Google - Search Engine Watch | Jennifer Van Iderstyne

Learn to let go of an obsession with perfect rankings. Try to imagine a world in which you didn’t care whether Google thought you were hot.

If your business relies too heavily on organic search traffic from Google, maybe it’s time to alleviate that dependence. That reliance takes a lot of power away from you and gives it to someone else.

There’s no guarantee that taking the time to invest in a well-planned, meticulously executed social media campaign is going to get you all of the business a number one ranking will for any given keyword. In fact, it’s unlikely. But it could certainly bring you an ROI on the project and it could raise your brand visibility, drive new visitors, turn former one-time visitors into returning customers, affect direct traffic and grow your listening audience for future efforts. And that’s not too bad.

This is exactly what I've been trying to do with my “Just Blog” philosophy. I actually don't care a dime about SEO anymore. I care about my readers, my “fans” instead, and they don't come from a Google Search. They mainly comes from my followers on the social networks where I'm quite big. Like Google+ and Twitter. But also from Facebook and Pinterest where I am not so big, to name a few.

It's actually a relief to not having to care about SEO or Google PageRank anymore. It's a very obsessive thing to be dependent on that. Now having an PageRank independent website/blog is more harmonically nicer. A pleasure and joy to post to. No guidelines to follow, no rules. I love it.

I have a very hard time seeing Samsung doing "The Next Big Thing"

R&D center

Samsung Is Spending Big Bucks To Find The Next Big Thing - Android News, Phones, Tablets, Apps, Reviews - Android Headlines | Jamil Bryant

Samsungs new R&D center is the latest edition to the 10 other R&D centers located in the US. With new competition coming from smaller companies, Samsung is desperately finding new technologies to keep the company moving forward. According to the Korea Herald, “Despite the heavy spending, the Seoul-based company still ranks third among the world’s most innovative companies, following Apple and Google, according to the same report. Market analysts said this reflects the firm’s inefficient spending and failure to shed the copycat image that has dogged it ever since the first Galaxy model entered the market.” Now it is a little too early to determine the fate of Samsung. With their new R&D center under construction and their application box filling up with new applicants, Samsung may very well indeed prove to the world why they are known as the Electronic Giant.

Yeah right… Then Samsung has to start inventing then… Everything they try to do differently is just gimmicks. They throw out a huge amount of gimmicky features to see what sticks. They are using their users, fans as Guinea pigs.

That's the wrong way doing it, if you ask me.

I have a very hard time seeing Samsung doing “The Next Big Thing”.