The Apple Watch UI will probably come to iOS too

It's interesting what Michael Steeber from 9to5mac writes in the article below is exactly the same idea I'm talking about in the video above. The idea that future iOS versions could be based on the Apple Watch UI. It's actually a perfect UI for large devices like the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, to be able to easily use them with one hand. Personally I'm sure that Apple will evolve iOS into more like the Apple Watch UI in a near future. Apple's future could be based on the Apple Watch. And Apple won't have one more OS that is separated from the other too (iOS and OSX) that is now merging more and more. Of course will they share the same UI and navigation in the future.

Modernizing the home screen: How iOS could take cues from the design of the Apple Watch | 9to5Mac

Moving the Apple Watch home screen to the iPhone breaks down barriers that have been part of the system since day one. Gone are the concepts of home screen pages and the dock, replaced with one large, fluid grid of apps. The app grid not only looks more modern with its round icons, but it scales perfectly to any size display, all the way from the smallest Apple Watch to the 9.7” iPad, without looking crammed or too spread out at any size.

iPad Air 2 beats all the competition in early benchmarks

Early benchmarks shows that the new iPad Air 2 is really fast. It beats all the competition. They also shows that the CPU has three Cores and 2GB RAM.

This is perfect for me. I need both more RAM and speed when creating content on the iPad. I use it instead of computers and has noticed many times that it runs out of memory. You can often see that in Safari for example, the tabs reloads when you switch to them. So it will be very exciting to see how good it will be for my content creation when I buy one in Gold so that it match my iPhone 6 in gold ;) I will buy the LTE version but haven't decided if I will buy the 64GB or 128GB model yet.

If you can't watch the video above, click this link: iPad Air 2 beats the competition in benchmarks

Apple's new A8X powered iPad Air 2 smokes new Android tablets, including Nvidia's Tegra K1 Shield Tablet [u]:

Previous Android tablets ranging from Amazon to Samsung delivered multiple core benchmarks in the ballpark of Apple's original iPad Air, despite running much faster and incorporating two to three times as much RAM in a thicker—or in the case of Samsung, plastic—body. Their single core scores were significantly lower however, closer to Apple's fourth generation iPad from late 2012.

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