Next will be even thinner & lighter: Alleged iPad Air 2 Front Panel with Integrated Display Shown in New Photos

Mac Rumors

Following the leak of an alleged iPhone 6 front panel earlier this week, the iPad is now getting its turn with a pair of photos showing what is said to be a front panel for the next-generation iPad Air, shared by Dutch site One More Thing [Google Translate]. Notably, the part appears to include an integrated display in contrast to the separate panel and display parts used on the current model. A move to an integrated front panel/display would reduce overall thickness, potentially allowing Apple to further slim down the iPad Air or make room for other components such as a slightly larger battery.

The battery is already so incredibly good in the iPad Air, so hopefully this will just mean that it will be even thinner and lighter. I would love that. Not that I think the iPad Air is too heavy though. It's a huge difference between the Air and the old iPads when it comes to weight. I would not use an old iPad as my default environment as I do with the iPad Air. They are too heavy and clunky.

My favorite Twitter app: Twitterrific for iOS Adds “Edit Tweet” Button

Federico Viticci:

Latest Twitterrific uses the possibility to delete your own tweets to fake an Edit button that, to the end user that doesn’t know about Twitter’s stance on the matter, looks like a real editing functionality. The way the Edit button in Twitterrific works is, indeed, smart: once you’ve tweeted a message, an Edit Tweet button gets added to the tweet’s contextual menu; tap it, and the Compose screen will come up again, containing the text of the original tweet that you can edit. Twitterrific, however, isn’t actually editing the tweet: after tapping the Edit button, the original tweet gets deleted from Twitter and its contents are inserted in the screen to compose a new tweet. This gives the illusion that the original tweet is being edited, while Twitterrific is only deleting and creating tweets as allowed by the Twitter API.

Really clever solution by IconFactory. Twitterrific is my favorite Twitter app for iOS. This “edit tweet” feature makes it even more outstanding.