No one checked out the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - I have said it before but I say it again, the Surface is a huge failure

Surface pro 3

I was on Media Markt here in Sweden today and it was very crowded. A lot of people was checking out all the new gadgets, Mac's, iPads, Windows Pc's, laptops, cameras and new smartphones. But one thing I noticed - none was checking out Microsofts specially made corner for the Surface Pro 3. Not one person during the whole time I was there in the store! The small devices looked very alone and sad there…

To me that is a sign that once again has Microsoft totally failed with the Surface. I've said it before and I say it again: Microsoft Surface is a huge failure.

Update: apparently it was still the Surface Pro 2 and not 3. The signs and other info was about the 3 though. Doesn't change anything though. Still no one where interested.

Wireless charging will still not go mainstream - it's still just a gimmick

Nokia wireless charging

“All you have to do is set the phone down on the charging pad and your job is done. No messing with cords, no worrying about putting a cord the wrong way while it’s plugged in (although if you decide to use your phone in the middle of charging your phone won’t continue to charge), and no worrying about damaging your only method of charging your phone.”

From “When will wireless charging become mainstream?” - PhoneDog | The Leader in Mobile Phone News and Reviews

Uhm, I never have to “mess with cords” or “worrying to put a cord the wrong way”… That's why Apple invented the Lightning connector and it's very sturdy. No hassle at all. I have a charger at home, in my car and at my work. And the charger is smaller than any wireless charger… In fact it is as small as the power plug for the wireless charging plate!

So no thanks, no wireless charging for me. It's still just a gimmick. If Apple ever will do that they will do it differently. Much smarter. I'm sure of that.