If the Apple iWatch could have all my notifications & sending iMessages & emails, I wouldn't need a phone anymore

To be honest, if the coming Apple iWatch could have all my notifications, and an easy way to reply and send iMessages and emails, then I wouldn't need a phone anymore. I have the iPad Air always with me, it's so light and thin, so easy to cary with me. And I never do calls, two calls last year, none this year yet, and if I really need to make a call, I just find/borrow a phone somewhere to make it.

I'm looking forward to see how Apple will revolutionize the wearable category with an iWatch. Of course it will have the best user experience yet. Apple are experts on user experience.

Probably because of the iWatch: Exclusive: Nike fires majority of FuelBand team, will stop making wearable hardware


The company informed members of the 70-person hardware team – part of its larger, technology-focused Digital Sport division comprised of about 200 people – of the job cuts Thursday. The sportswear company has decided that only software has a future in Nike’s technology vision. That means cutting the FuelBand, including a slimmer version planned for the fall.

Yep, that's more proof that Apple will release the iWatch. Tim Cook is even a board member at Nike. They have probably got a secret deal with Apple, and Apple will feature the hardware (iWatch), and Nike the software. Or at least will the iWatch support Nike+, and still be a default app on iOS.