Apple wants to reverse a cultural trend that it had created itself. It wants us to start wearing a watch again

Yeah, personally I don't wear a watch anymore either, but I'm very tempted to start again when the Apple Watch is available here in Sweden where I live. It depends a bit on the price though, but hopefully Apple will announce the price of the different watch editions on their event March 9th.

And I have actually used a smartwatch for a quite long time already. I own the Sony Smartwatch 2, and with that experience that smartwatch gave me, I know that Tim Cook is right that having notifications on your wrist is way better than having them on your phone. Especially when you need to be discrete in a meeting or at a dinner with your wife for example.

Via Apple Watch will replace your car keys, says Tim Cook - Telegraph:

Like millions of people, Tim Cook stopped wearing a watch a while back. The Apple boss no longer needed one: his iPhone told the time just fine. There was just one problem, as he readily acknowledges in his interview with The Telegraph: glancing at one's wrist can be a very useful way to find out information. It is less rude and less intrusive.

Here is a video I've done about the Apple Watch:

Samsung ripoff the iPhone headset with the Galaxy S6 headset

A Taiwanese website has got their hands on some images of the headset for the Samsung Galaxy S6. And if you look at the image below, doesn't the headset look familiar to you? :)

Again, Samsung is hilarious. The design of this new headset is now very similar to the iPhone headset, and of course they are white too ;)

Click through to the Taiwanese site to see a lot more photos.

Here is my video about the iPhone headset (see the similarities?):

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