Apple's earpods and the app Overcast makes podcast listening a joy

Apple's earpods, the headset that comes with the iPhone is great for podcast listening. They are light, doesn't irritate the ears in longer listenings and doesn't close out the environment around you, so you can still be social with people. Excellent when I'm listening to podcasts when I'm with my family for example. And the sound quality is good enough for podcast listening.

So to me they are perfect for podcast listening.

Podcasts is my new hobby so this is important for me. I also bought the best podcast app on the market thanks to my new interest, and that app is called Overcast. It's available for both the iPhone and iPad as a universal app. It's free, but to get all the excellent features you have to make an in-app purchase. And I highly recommend you to do that.

I think my new interest for podcasts is the reason why I started my own new videocast show called “svartlingcast”. The third episode will be published this evening or tomorrow. Check it out. If you can't watch the video above, click here: Apple's earpods are great for podcast listening

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Google could lose spot as default search on iOS and OS X

Google can lose its spot as the default search engine in Apple's Safari web browser next year. The deal Google has with Apple ends in 2015. Both Microsoft and Yahoo are in talks with Apple about a new search deal, according to a new report. And Apple has already replaced Google with Bing in Siri, so it could be possible they will do the same in the Safari web browser on both iOS and OS X.

If this will be a reality, it will be a huge blow against Google because millions of users will just use what's default, and never switch back to google. A lot of users don't know how, and a lot of users don't care to do it. If you can't watch the video above, click here: Google's Search Deal With Apple Could End Next Year - A Huge Blow At Google

Any change on Apple's part would impact mobile search market share, though it's likely many consumers would quickly switch their preference back to Google. But others might not bother, giving a potential ad revenue boost to either Yahoo or Bing. For several years now, Apple has been trying to separate itself from Google's services. In some of those cases, the strategy has worked; YouTube no longer ships as part of iOS, a change that consumers quickly adjusted to.

Via: Apple could ditch Google for Bing or Yahoo next year | The Verge