Could this smaller 1715 mAh battery be for the iPhone 6s or is it for the mythical iPhone 6c?

The French website Nowhereelse always get great Apple leaks. They recently got their hands on an iPhone battery that looks identical to the iPhone 6 battery, but with one strange difference though: the capacity is lower than before.. It only has 1715 mAh capacity and not 1810 mAh as the battery in the iPhone 6.

The battery's 1715 mAh capacity is lower than the 1810 mAh capacity of the iPhone 6 battery, indicating Apple would have to have increased power efficiency of the device for the “S” generation in order to achieve the same battery life as its predecessor. Given the consistent overall design of the iPhone 6 and 6s, it is unclear why Apple would reduce the battery capacity at all

So to which iPhone is this battery for? I can't really understand why Apple would put in a battery with lower capacity in the coming iPhone 6s. That doesn't make any sense. The rumor says that it will be even a bit thicker than before to make room for the new Force Touch panel, so that can't be the reason. And if it has tactile feedback for the Force Touch technology, it will need a battery with more capacity and not less. So it's a mystery. Maybe the mythical iPhone 6c lives after all?

Via iPhone Battery With 1715 mAh Capacity Possibly Destined for 'iPhone 6s' or '6c' Appears - Mac Rumors

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Force Touch panels has gone into mass production - I wish they had some tactile feedback too

A new report from Digitimes says that the production of Apple's Force Touch panels for the coming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has gone into mass production now. That's quite natural to start mass producing them two months before release.

The report claims that Apple's supply chain partners started shipping Force Touch panels in limited quantities in June before ramping up production of the pressure-sensitive modules in July.

Taipei Times vaguely reported that Apple's touch panel supplier TPK expects widespread adoption of pressure sensors, presumably for Force Touch, later this year. Force Touch, an existing Apple Watch and MacBook feature, is a pressure-sensitive technology that will enable future iPhones to distinguish between a light tap and deep press and complete different actions accordingly.

I am sure that the Force Touch technology is the future and that we will see a lot of new cool features in iOS and coming apps that take benefits of the new technology. I have already seen how it can do wonders on the Apple Watch for example, but I wish it could have some tactile feedback too as the track pads on the new Macbooks have. That way we could actually “feel” the content too. For example when reaching to the end of a video clip in iMovie for example.

No rumor says that the new iPhones will have some kind of tactile feedback with the Force Touch though. But I still have my hopes up.

Via Force Touch Panels Enter Mass Production Ahead of 'iPhone 6s' Launch - Mac Rumors