This is why I chose a space gray 64GB iPhone 6s Plus

I ordered a space gray 64GB iPhone 6s plus yesterday! It was released in Sweden the same day. Apple says it will be delivered to me in 1-3 days. I'm very excited!

The reason why I chose the space gray version this time is because I have both a gold iPhone 6 and a gold iPad Air 2 now, and I simply wanted to test the space gray version to see how it looks compared to my gold devices. Even if I prefer a white front because it's easier to see where the display ends and the bezels starts.

There is two reasons why I decided to buy the 64GB again though, the first reason is that I am a very heavy user of iCloud, iCloud drive and iCloud photo library, so I store everything in iCloud, all my video clips I use for my videos for example. So I don't need so much storage on my devices. I almost never go over 40GB. The other reason is that if I have bought the 128GB version it wouldn't be delivered to me until 3 weeks! I can't wait so long.

So I decided to order the space gray 64GB iPhone 6s plus, and it will be very exciting to start my new experiment with it, to use it as my main computer instead of my iPad Air 2. Please note that I say main computer and not only computer. I will still use my iPad iPad Air 2 for some things.

By the way, I am so relieved to be post-PC. I don't miss normal computers at all. In fact, they actually annoys me. A lot. So awkward to use compared to iOS devices.

Watch my video about my choice here:

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Pop Puff and away! - fun puzzle game for both iPad and iPhone (Promo codes inside!)

I've been playing Pop Puff and Away! on my iPad (it's available for both iOS and Android). It's a cute looking but very challenging puzzle game where stepping on arrows throws you in the direction they are pointing at. It was designed to be picked up easily by beginners but also challenging enough for experienced puzzle lovers. The game gets very challenging fast and personally I have already problems solving puzzle 11 (as you can see in the video). In the video below you can here my thoughts about Pop Puff and away, and also some gameplay. I think it's a very fun and addicting puzzle game. Recommended for people that enjoy thinking.

I have also got some promo codes for this game:

  • 4N6HYW364T3P
  • HPT69W6PWP64

Enjoy! :)

App Store | Official website

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