AudioMulch 0.9 beta 19 released

AudioMulch is an interactive musician’s environment for computers running Microsoft Windows. Bringing together the popular with what has up to now been considered experimental, AudioMulch merges the worlds of mainstream electronica and electroacoustic sound composition to create a fluid sonic environment only limited by the artist’s imagination.

While many of the processes featured within AudioMulch are not new to computer music programs, it is the software’s ability to carry out these traditionally "studio" or "non-real-time" signal processing techniques in real-time that emerges as its major asset. With AudioMulch, music that has for so long been limited to the pre & post-production practices of a studio can emerge in a new LIVE and interactive context.

Through the essentially unlimited (only by the power of the computer) combination of a network of synthesis and processing contraptions, AudioMulch allows the user to extend their current audio processing capabilities or create new music within their computer without additional expensive software or hardware systems.

15/3/2005 AudioMulch 0.9b19 Release Notes

AudioMulch version 0.9b19 is now available from the download page. This version will expire on June 17th 2005.

AudioMulch version 0.9b19 incorporates new multichannel sound file playing contraptions (*FilePlayer in the Beta category) and a number of enhancements to the Metasurface. Support has been added for multi-client ASIO drivers. Various user interface improvements and bug fixes are also included. These and other changes are discussed below.
Metasurface Enhancements

The Metasurface is a new interface for controlling many AudioMulch parameters at once, it was introduced in the previous release of AudioMulch. Improvements made to the Metasurface in this release include:

* Drag and drop snapshot reordering
* An edit field for naming new snapshots before they are created.
* Full screen mode (exit using ESC or right-click menu).
* The snapshot list now shows snapshot colours.
* Support for integer and boolean (check box) properties (e.g. Drum and Mixer mutes, Matrix channel enables)
* Improved clarity and interactivity of Metasurface graphics. Dynamic lines now indicate snapshots participating in interpolation.

In addition a number of bugs were fixed which are listed later in these notes.
Support for Multi-client ASIO Drivers

Previously, AudioMulch always opened all channels of an ASIO device, which prevented other applications from accessing unused channels of the device. AudioMulch is now able to limit the channels of an ASIO device it uses to thos it needs. If the device's drivers support multi-client operation this new functionality allows ASIO devices to be shared between AudioMulch and other applications. Only opening the needed channels may also reduce CPU and system load. For maximum compatibility AudioMulch is configured by default to open all channels. To only open the used channels uncheck the "Open all channels" check box on the ASIO driver settings page of the settings dialog.
Multichannel file player contraptions

New 4FilePlayer, 8FilePlayer, 16FilePlayer and 24FilePlayer contraptions have been added to the Beta category. These contraptions work like the existing FilePlayer contraption, but support playback of multichannel sound files, and/or multiple synchronised files. They can be used for playing back multichannel surround sound material, or separate synchronised tracks exported from multitrack recording software. More information about using these contraptions is included in the help file.
Other changes and bug fixes

Other changes since the previous AudioMulch release include:

* The default VST editor can now be used even if the VST plugin provides its own graphical editor. The default editor can be selected using the "Default Editor" menu item in the popup menu accessible by right-clicking on the title area of a VST plugin's contraption editor.
* ASIO channel names are now displayed in Settings Dialog channel drop down lists.
* The sample rate setting has been moved from the Edit menu to the new Audio General page of the Settings dialog.
* The fade curves used for the Matrix contraptions are now symmetrical (fade out now mirrors fade in).
* Process priority is now reset to normal if drivers (e.g. old versions of MIDI Yoke) try to change it. Without this feature CPU overloads, audio glitches and unresponsive user interfaces could result even with very simple documents.
* To assist plugin developers, VST crash protection is now disabled when a debugger is detected.

Bugs which have been fixed in this release include:

* Fixed crash bug in Metasurface triggered when creating new contraptions after deleting.
* Fixed buggy Metasurface snapshot automatic name generation.
* Fixed bug in Metasurface parameter selection list where sometimes opening or closing the tree caused a checkbox to be toggled
* Fixed bug in FilePlayer and SoundIn where glitch of start of file would be played before loop delay
* Fixed bug with tiling alignnment in properties pane background image.
* Escape key now works to close all windows (previously some didn't).