megaCeloX v1.0 (free)

The latest and hottest of the CeloX synthesizers! This is a flexible and well-sounding polyphonic stereo analog emulation software synthesizer with 3 oscillators and a noise generator, 1 ring modulator, 1 multimode filter with different slopes, 2 LFO's (one is host syncable), 1 S&H, 4 ADSR EG's, flexible velocity and keyboard tracking controls and a stereo delay effect! Also, the signal path is stereo and the oscillators feature a stereo spread funtion for fattening up your sounds as well as the fast envelope structures of Snappy.


¤ 3 oscillators

¤ 1 noise generator

¤ 1 ring modulator

¤ 1 mixer

¤ 1 multimode filter with different slopes (6dB non-resonant LP and HP, 12dB LP, HP, BP and BR and 24dB LP)

¤ 2 LFO's (one of them is host BPM syncable)

¤ 1 keyboard gated S&H

¤ 4 ADSR envelope generators (2 of them are connected to the DCF and the DCA)

¤ 1 flexible velocity and keyboard tracking section for adding dynamics to your sound

¤ 1 amplifier with osc spread function

¤ 1 stereo delay effect


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    It seems that the software are no longer available.


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