KlangLabs - BackMan v1.3.2 (Pc/Free)

BackMan v1.3.2

Reverses incoming audio signal in sync (it will follow host BPM). This plugin is specially useful on live gigs to make that "back vinyl" effect DJs usually does.


- Very simple, just one slider.

- Slider on the right means forward (>>), slider on the left means backwards (<<)

- Compensation control: Reverse playback timming compensation, fine tuning, useful to sync signals on different sound materials.

- Gap position button: Defines where you want the slices gaps, turned off means the gap will be on each strong beat (useful for "backman sandwich" trick, see usage below), turned on means the gap will be delayed one 8th of a note to avoid the gap on fast high transients such as snares and kick on a regular drum loop.

Gaps? what? where?: In a nutshell, BackMan is no more than two samplers recording the input and playing in reverse, but the actual trick involves a "flip-flop" process.

On a 4/4 bar, counting 1,2,3,4 ("...this is rokanrol!") while one sampler is doing "record-play-record-play" the other is doing "play-record-play-record", this process takes one bar each time and therefore each sampler is taking two "slices" out of the input signal and playing them backwards, all in sync with the host BPM tempo.

This process creates clicks on the signal because the sampled slices not necesarily begins and/or ends at zero volume point (zero crossing) thus creating nasty audible clicks on the audio. The only way I found to solve that was to tame those clicks doing very quick fade in/out over each slice, this creates very tiny gaps on the audio which aren't as bad as clicks but they still could be heard on certain situations. The most common case is having little gaps just over the snare and kick on a drumloop, that's why I included the "gap position" button, to be able to locate the gap away from the bigger transients.

BackMan updated to v1.3.2

- Gaps are smaller.

- New "Gap position" button.

- Added some very helpful information about usage.