KlangLabs - Sxratch v2.0 (Pc/Free)

Virtual Scratcher



Resonance, High Freqs, Low Freqs


Start and End knobs: They set the range points where you want to scratch, useful to get more accurate scratching moves.

Accel: Acceleration or "torque" of the scratcher after you click then release over the scratching slider.
SMTH (Smoothing): Sets the smoothness of the scratch moves.


VOL: Sets the main volume.

PITCH: Sets the "speed" of the "record" (RESET button to reset knob to original pitch)
REW: Plays the sound backwards.


FILE button: Click on it to load a *.wav file. (Sxratch works better with files shorter than 10 seconds)
Record button: It records the input signal, useful for live use, pick snippets from your band mates and scratch over that.


* New skin.
* Wav loader.
* Scratching mouse response totally reworked.
* New sensitivity controls for better accuracy.
* Pitch reset and rewind button.
* Added some filters.