Topten Software - Cantabile v1.0 beta (Pc/Free)

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Cantabile is a simple, easy to use VST host, MIDI recorder and audio recorder.

Designed primarily for real-time playing of virtual instruments, Cantabile includes a highly optimized audio engine to minimize system load and reduce audio drop outs.

Cantabile is free and beta I is available now.


* Real time processing of VST effects and instruments (VSTi).
* Support for ASIO and DirectSound audio drivers.
* Saves and loads VST prorgram and bank (fxp/fxb) files.
* Can automatically load the correct plugin for a particular fxb/fxp file.
* Input and output gain controls.
* Input and output level meters.
* Buffer utilitization meter shows system load.
* Midi recorder writes directly to midi file.
* Audio recorder writes directly to wave file.
* Audio recorder can record audio input or the output of the currently loaded VST.
* Midi and audio recorders support automatic start/stop mode.
* On-screen keyboard.
* Collapsable user-interface saves screen space for unused features.
* Highly optimized multi-threaded audio engine, including support for MMX and SSE CPU instructions.


  1. Thanks this a new one on me. Looking forward to trying it out.

    Thank you for an excellent resource too :)

  2. Thanks for your kind words.


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