Analog to Digital - Supersaw Plus v1.3 (Pc)

Supersaw Plus is a 10 oscillator, 16 voice polyphonic analog-modeled vst instrument synthesizer with an effects section (three effects) . It is designed to create fat sounds like the classic Roland JP-8000 synth, particularly the supersaw. Like the JP-8000, it has a full range of oscillator waveforms. Comparing the two synths side by side, they sound pretty well identical. Supersaw Plus is for PC only (not Mac).

It has 2 treble-mode (Lowpass/Highpass/Bandpass) resonant filters with ADSR and velocity control and an lfo (around 30 waveforms) with separate levels for each oscillator. The filter controls can be linked so that a single knob can control both filters, as well as an offset slider to create separate left and right levels. This is a stereo synth with 10 oscillators, split in two, each having separate level and pan controls.

There are master volume and velocity sensitivity controls and an ADSR volume envelope. Each oscillator can have Sine , Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse,White Noise and Pink Noise waveforms. An lfo controls pitch and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

The synth is 16 voice polyphonic including a mono mode with retrigger option. The number of voices can be selected (2,4,6,10) and there is a single FAT button that proportionately detunes the oscillators against each other. The oscillators have separate octave pitch controls and osc2 has a semi-tone select control. There is a separate Pitch ADSR Envelope with level control and a sync button for synced sounds.

Effects section

Double Delay - a tempo synced double delay modelled on the one in cubase 5 with an additional high pass filter. Reverb has level control, size, depth and damp. Chorus has mix, speed, depth, pre-delay and feedback. Unlike most vst instruments, the effects only use cpu when the synth is playing.

The major controls can be automated from midi and there is a midi learn facility to let the user set their own controller numbers. There are 64 presets to use as starting points for your own sounds. Cpu usage is low.}Comes with pdf manual.


Any PC (not Macintosh) software that can use vst instruments like Cubase, Fruity Loops etc. Very low memory and cpu requirements

Price: 27 dollar