LinPlug - Organ 3 (Pc/Mac/Universal)

Major new release with

* now 3 individual manuals (Upper, Lower, Pedal)
* manual settings can be saved/loaded and copied/pasted
* Percussion
o separately adjustable for Upper and Lower
o adjustable volume
o adjustable pitch
* Vibrato
o separately switchable for Upper, Lower and Pedal
o adjustable Chorus effect
* adjustable “age”
* drive with adjustable brightness and body
* adjustable velocity responce (from off to full)
* new Glide mode with “Held” mode and adjustable time
* per manual switchable Pitch Bend responce
* now two effect units with either Rotary, Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Gator or LoFi effect, all programable
* Enhanced ECS with support for endless dials and predefined settings for the NI B4D controller and the Doepfer d3c
* Controller-Sliders can be inverted (for use of e.g. Behringer BCF2000)
* Mictotonal support of TUN files
* 12 Tonewheels to choose from inculding Farfisa and Vox waves
* ADSR envelope per manual
* Layer and Split modes with adjustable splitpoint
* +- 4 octaves transpose per manual
* switchable B3 compatibility
o Foldback
o Tonewheel sync
o drawbar volume
o percussion switch behaviour
o drawbar continuous / step mode
o keyclick (adjustable intensity)
o motornoise (adjustable intensity)

Organ 3 is a software organ emulation with all controls found on the original Hammond B3 as well as a sophisticated rotary speaker simulation. Detailed reconstruction makes it first choice for any music style. Many new features open sonic possibilities never heard from any other organ before.

Key features

* Authentic emulation of many classic organs and the rotary speaker, get the sound of the original
* Each emulated aspect is individually switchable or adjustable
* 3 manuals, individually adjustable and playable on separate MIDI channels or in split or layer mode
* Dual effects section with fully syncable rotary, reverb, delay and chorus, and new: Gator and LoFi crusher.
* 64 voice polyphonic (CPU dependent)
* Individually adjustable Percussion for upper and lower manual
* Adjustable Keyclick and Motor noise from off to authentic or even up to overemphasized
* Controller hardware (faderbox or synth) can be used to control the LinPlug Organ 3 parameters using the LinPlug ECS
* Switchable Portamento / Glide
* Adjustable age from factory new to trashy
* Spread (Unison) for each manual
* ADSR envelope for each manual
* Microtuning support (TUN files) for different scales
* Including 11 alternative tonewheels
* Fully recognized velocity, adjustable pitch bend
* Rotary simulation with full sync to song tempo (even tempo changes can be synced)
* Sample accurate timing
* Full parameter automation
* Settings are saved with your song

AU, RTAS (Mac only) or VST2 capable host software
Screen resolution of 1024 x 768
PC: 300 MHz, 256 Mb RAM, Windows 98 or higher
Mac: 300 MHz, 256 Mb RAM , Mac OSX 10.2.6 or higher
Screen resolution of 1280 x 960 or better
PC: 1 GHz, 512 Mb RAM, Windows XP or newer
Mac: 1 GHz, 512 Mb RAM , Mac OSX 10.2.6 or higher

The LinPlug Organ 3 is available exclusively from LinPlug. It comes with an English, French and German PDF-manual and 90 presets.

The license fee is 149 US$ / 129 Euro