Sonalksis SV-315 Mk2 Compressor Plug-in (Pc/Mac/universal)

mk2 compressor
The Sonalksis SV-315 Compressor is an analogue-modelled dynamics processor developed for professional audio applications and employs physical modelling technology to provide a classic compressor/limiter with true analogue characteristics, but offers a flexibility that can only be obtained from a digital processor.
The SV-315 Compressor was developed with Sonalksis 'State-Space' technology, by a team of engineers that have many years experience designing pro-audio systems for established industry leaders.

Due to its flexibility, the SV-315 is suitable both for tracking and mastering environments, and imparts character and warmth on programme material through its essentially analogue design.

Whether you want to gently smooth a vocal, totally crush some drums, or compress an entire mix, this processor will do it with superior polish. However, although this compressor may be used for subtle applications, the SV-315 is definitely not transparent in operation, rather it deliberately imparts character and warmth on programme material.

Both classic and contemporary compression responses can be obtained from the SV-315, with simple switches enabling the selection of an appropriate style. Several independently selectable level-detection, side-chain-filter and transient-characteristic circuits are provided within the compressor model.

- Separate compressor and limiter models (not a simplified 'all in one' compressor/limiter) - allows the compressor to operate independently to the limiter
- Sonalksis 'State-space' system model for true analogue response
- Multiple switchable circuit model parameters provide flexible character
- Zero latency throughput (just like a real analogue compressor) - enables the compressor to be used in the monitor path for tracking situations
- Anti-Breathe mechanism - allows heavy compression settings without sudden sharp 'clicky' attacks after pauses (great for vocals)
- External Side-Chain input capability
- 64bit floating point precision internal processing throughout
- Support for sampling rates of up to 192 kHz
- Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors
- Glitchless switch transitions [e.g. limiter in/out, bypass on/off]
- Graphical display indicators provide detailed feedback on response settings
- Support for most native plug-in formats on OS X and Windows
The New Features in Mk2

The new Mk2 version was created based on requests from users, to meet their needs for extra functionality, and to extend the usability of the plug-in.

- External sidechain input
- Input Gain control
- Textboxes for more accurate control
- New scale on gain-reduction meter to provide more detailled information
- New workflow-optimised user-interface look and feel
- Integrated presets
- Input signal LED
- Front-panel limiter threshold control
- Enhanced output metering
Minimum System Requirements

• Windows 2000/XP *
• Pentium III 600 mhz
• 64 MB RAM
• XVGA [High Colour 1024x768]

• Mac OS X (10.3.9 minimum)
• G4 400 MHz / Intel Core
• 64 MB RAM
• XVGA [High Colour 1024x768]

Price: 260 dollar