Livelab - LiveSlice v1.45

Changes: v1.45 (current)

new stuff

* time stretching
* loop cropping
* normalize
* MIDI learn
* VST 2.4 compliant
* Volume envelope improvements and enhancements
* Use arrow keys to pan from slice to slice (useful when editing slice points at max. zoom)
* shortcut keys in the file manager
* space bar now controls playback (instead of randomize)
* added an option to define what midi note LiveSlice will use for middle C (in case you changed that in your host)
* Waveform gfx. improved (improved visualization of zero crossings)
* Slicedisplay zoom / scroll rewritten from scratch - much faster
* optional semitransparent slice display (see through overlapping slices)
* further gui optimizations. The gui response is less affected by the number of events in the arranger
* locate slice will now scroll to the corresponding loop in the loops list.
* the arrangement configured for individual slices playback is can now be triggered as any other arrangement (was locked in 1.44)
* fixed saving 24 bit wav. files and added saving of 32 bit (pcm and float)
* "autopitch" (right clicking "autostretch" button) now updates pitch on tempo changes
* More stable wav file reader - better error tolerance for buggy wave files


* Track parameter "Volume" now works (midi config)
* fixed bug that would cause events to be removed when doing granular work (150 events or more placed very close)
* mouse cursor update bug fixed
* fixed bugs with controls / buttons not being properly reset on arrangement change
* fixed: "trigger with host" now changes the active arrangement even when seq. is not running
* fixed: file browser is now updated when a file is saved
* fixed: repaint bug when changing number of visible tracks
* fixed: system would hang if slices were insanely small
* missing file search no longer scans the whole filesystem if no search folder is specified
* fixed crash related to undo
* fixed crashes related to copying and deleting events and tracks (BR 60 and 64)
* rare crash related to very rapid preving fixed
* change: when replacing events, the selected parameter is enherited from the replaced event
* the red "playing" markers are now updated when changing bank
* fixed problems with missing popup and wrong value-ranges in midi settings
* fixed midi channel bug
* the default sample paths are now updated when pasting / writing in the text box
* very short folder names no longer corrupts the folder name display

This beat slicer can do much more than just slice your beats. You can load up to 64 wave files at a time, slice them up and combine the slices in the multitrack arranger.

Each slice is coloured based on the content so you can easily tell them apart - this makes manual rearranging a lot easier. If you find arranging beats in a piano roll / drum map a bit awkward at times, LiveSlice will definately change the way you make music.

With up to 256 slice on each loop liveslice is as much a granular synthesizer as a beat slicer. As you can also sequence notes you can do simple melodic arrangements too (bases and arps).

The real fun begins when you start using the graphical parameter sequencer. You can sequence amplitude, panning, attack, decay, release, pitch, probability and reverse for each slice just by drawing with the mouse creating anything from subtle variations to total chaos. Read more.