NOTAM - Mammut v0.59 (Pc/Mac/Linux/Free)

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Mammut is a program for sound processing in the frequency domain.

Mammut will FFT your entire sound (no windows). Different transforms can be applied to the spectrum, such as nonlinear stretching, spectrum shift, convolution, filtering, permutation etc.

Why is the program useful?
Applying a giant FFT ("Mammoth FFT") on the whole sound, instead of splitting into short windows, is unusual. This method implies that the amplitude development over time is baked into the spectral coefficients in a non-intuitive way, and changes in the frequency domain may lead to changes in time.

Mammut is a somewhat unpredictable program, and the user must get used to the idea of losing control over the time axis. The sonic result is often surprising.

However, Mammut is also ideal for standard operations like filtering, spectrum shift and convolution. The no-window approach gives ultimate sound quality.

How does it work?
Mammut uses a normal radix-2 FFT, but the FFT size is typically several million, not a few thousand as normal in short-time FFT.

The signal processing operations of Mammut is mostly designed and programmed by Øyvind Hammer. The user interface is mostly programmed by Kjetil Matheussen.


  1. This is very interesting! I wonder why the software is named as such. What or who inspired them to use mammut?


  2. Well if you had read the post you had seen this:
    "Applying a giant FFT ("Mammoth FFT") on the whole sound"

  3. This is really something! I have been using a different software with poor results. I would like to give this a shot.



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