Make Music - Finale NotePad 2008 / Music Notation / Mac / Pc / Free

New in NotePad 2008:

  • Full compatibility with Finale 2008 and PrintMusic 2008
  • Vista compatible
  • Import and export MIDI files
  • MIDI input and output - enter notes in step-time using a MIDI keyboard and play back your compositions through an external MIDI device.
  • Streamlined user interface

Full compatibility with Finale® 2008 and
Finale PrintMusic® 2008.

Vista Compatible

Finale NotePad 2008 is compatible with Windows XP and Vista and runs natively on both Intel- and PowerPC- based Macintosh computers.

Import and Export MIDI Files

NotePad can now open and save Format 1 MIDI files.

MIDI Input and Output

Notes can now be entered in step time using your MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller, and your compositions can be played back through external MIDI devices.

Improved Selection Tool

NotePad’s Selection tool offers regional selection, stack selection, and partial measure selection. Plus, measures can be selected using the computer keyboard.

Streamlined User Interface

NotePad 2008 simplifies how you cut/copy/paste/insert/delete music. It also includes redesigned menus, a consolidated interface with fewer tools, and the ability to change pages using your computer keyboard’s Page Up/Page Down buttons.

Expanded Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard allows users to initially specify the number of measures in their piece and provides improved page layout - automatically.

New Documentation System

Updated documentation provides all the information you need quickly and easily.

Key Features

MIDI Support includes the ability to import and export Format 1 MIDI files, input notes in step time using your MIDI keyboard, and playback via any external MIDI device.

Setup Wizard lets you select the instruments or voices you need, then sets up your score automatically.

Hear it like you see it! Your music deserves to be heard with all the feeling, phrasing, and nuance you felt when you wrote it. The Human Playback feature will play your music as you would want it to be performed, even if you enter notes manually.

Easy lyric entry automatically fits the text under the notes.

SmartMusic SoundFont

Over 128 of the same professional-grade sounds found in the award-winning SmartMusic® practice system are included free.

Guitar TAB

Easily create and edit Guitar and Electric Bass tablature
(standard tuning only)

Just select "Guitar [TAB]" or "Electric Bass [TAB]" in the Setup Wizard to create TAB in a new document.With NotePad's Simple Entry Tool, you can enter directly into a TAB staff and edit TAB. You can also create TAB by copying music from a standard notation staff into a TAB staff.

Engraver Tuplets

Default positioning looks great (even when the tuplet begins with rests), and tuplets now automatically reposition when notes are raised or lowered on the staff. Tuplet brackets avoid rests and staff lines. Brackets follow the angle of the stems when on stem side and follow the angle of notes when on the note side.

Textured Paper

Finale NotePad includes a textured background that evokes fine manuscript paper. Not only is this more aesthetically pleasing on-screen, it also reduces eye fatigue.

Print or publish on the Internet! Print beautiful music or post your music at the Finale Showcase for others to view!


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