Instrument: Kong Audio - Matouqin VSTi

Kong Audio releases the Matouqin (horse-headed fiddle, aka morin khuur) VST Instrument. A sample based classical Mongolian instrument.

System requirements and specs:

For Windows platform only.
*Windows XP 32/VISTA 32. 256mb RAM.
*Works with VSTi compatible hosts.
All samples are recorded in 24 bit 96 kHz.

Price: 68 dollar.

Watch this Video tutorial:


"Matouqin contains various types of legato, tremolo, trills, slaps, and staccato, as well as special techniques, phrases and articulations. With the extensive sampling, Modwheel triggered expressions, along with the already established tradition of superior knowledge in the instruments, the live playability of Matouqin is, like all the Kong Audio plugins, unmatchable." Via