Sequencer: Cakewalk - SONAR 7.0.2

Cakewalk updates their flagship software Sonar to version 7.0.2.
Here are the changes:

New Features:

  • Step Sequencer
    • Save and load SONAR Step Sequencer pattern files
    • New mouse gestures to edit velocities in the steps pane
    • Change/set default velocity of new steps
    • Step record from MIDI devices
    • Option to audition notes when clicking on steps
    • Preserve patterns when changing step sizes
  • Main Application
    • Auto-fade playback when starting/stopping the transport
    • Option to automatically enable input monitoring when recording
  • Euphonix EuCon
    • Cakewalk has released a Control Surface plug-in supporting the Euphonix EuCon protocol, which now makes SONAR compatible with all Euphonix Control Surfaces

Issues Resolved:

  • Main Application
    • Various performance/stability issues
    • Duplicate notes in drum map manager would crash SONAR
    • Inserting an effect into a track with the per-track EQ set to post-FX Bin would cause a crash.
    • AudioSnap clip rendering could not be cancelled by the user
    • Audio Export file type defaulted to AIFF after exporting an MP3
    • SendLocalOn TTSEQ.INI variable was not functioning properly
    • Track Inspector did not always update to the selected track
    • Synth freeze failed when a post-fader send was assigned to a sidechain input
    • Opening and closing Clip Properties dialog sometimes changed clip length
    • Reverting clips to original time stamp sometimes failed after original clip was split
    • Cropping audio and MIDI clips that are at time 0 sometimes caused the clip's contents to shift in time
    • Intermittent audio stuttering, aka "motorboating", during playback with certain audio hardware and system configurations is corrected
    • Freezing a synth sometimes caused bus automation to be ignored
    • Sysex banks were never rendered to soft synths when exporting or bouncing a project containing sysex banks
    • Saving Cakewalk Bundle Files with mixed audio bit depths could fail when the total size exceeded 2GB if the individual audio files were under 2GB
    • In the Staff View, noteheads and the time ruler sometimes displayed incorrectly during playback.
    • SONAR reported installation issues on some systems loaded with an OEM version of Microsoft Vista.
  • Piano Roll View
    • Painting new CCs in multi-track Piano Roll View sometimes caused CCs from other tracks in the PRV to be erased
    • When inserting a note on a hidden track, the track was not made visible
    • Lasso selecting notes and moving the selection offscreen caused original notes to become unselected
  • Automation
    • SONAR would sometimes crash when adding bus envelopes
    • Automation from synths in the Synth Rack could not be edited
    • Editing automation during playback was not always rendered immediately
  • External Inserts
    • Assigning a series of track inputs when an External Insert was in the project would sometimes cause SONAR to freeze
    • Did not retain mono routings
    • Failed to launch help when pressing F1
  • Step Sequencer
    • Current step display indicators sometimes got out of sync when editing patterns during playback
    • Track transpose (Key+/-) settings were ignored on input
  • Plug-ins and Components
    • When dragging MIDI data from a V-Vocal pitch-to-MIDI operation, the new MIDI clip was not always created at the drop point
    • Paging through Z3TA+ patches sometimes caused a crash
    • Improvements made to match mode in PCR-30, PCR-300 and ACT MIDI Control Surface plug-ins
    • Send pre/post and enable buttons were not exposed to Control Surfaces
    • SONAR did not refresh preset lists when requested by VST plug-ins
  • Third Party Issues
    • Inserting Korg LegacyCell or Steinberg Hypersonic would crash SONAR
    • Bounced tracks that contained VST plug-ins requiring delay compensation would sometimes include artifacts from extra buffers
    • V-Station PowerCore was disabled upon inserting into SONAR
    • UAD-1 displayed an Err=30 message when changing audio driver buffer size

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"SONAR 7 Producer Edition places no limits on your track count, bus routing, effect or instrument inserts, and includes an ample array of audio effects, virtual instruments, and innovative technologies to power your productions." Via