Effect: Antares - Voice Thing!

Antares Audio Technologies has announced Voice Thing! - a Windows application for changing voices in real time. Designed for online gaming, voice chat, VoIP, and video and podcast production.


• Change your voice with the same super high-quality voice processing used in Antares's professional audio tools
• Raise or lower your voice with high quality pitch-shifting
• Radically change the quality and/or gender of your voice with our unique vocal tract modeling technology
• Use the Mutation function for a huge variety of monstrous, demonic, or other alternate-species voices
• Instantly translate everything your say into Alien
• Simulate a variety of environments, from a huge hall to a small room
• Choose from an extensive collection of included human, creature, (and just plain weird) voices
• Save a virtually unlimited number of your own creations
• Have some serious fun

Price: $34.99 USD

"For over 15 years, Antares Audio Technologies has been developing cutting-edge audio processing technology for the professional recording industry. Today, Antares vocal processing tools are used daily by thousands of musicians, engineers and producers in recording studios around the world. And now some of that same technology is available in Antares Voice Thing!, an incredibly fun, easy to use (and affordable) tool for changing your voice." Via