DAW: Synapse Audio - Orion 7.5

orion platinum

Synapse Audio unveils version 7.5 of Orion, the virtual studio software / DAW for Windows. Here is the huge change list:

* New features:
- New engine with multiprocessor support and higher performance at low latencies, at any PPQ
- Auto-Tracking EQs to create high quality mixes more easily
- New effect: Platinum Limiter (modelled after 1176LN)
- New arpgeggiator with additional options
- New VU Meters with peak-hold option
- Last session can now be automatically restored (hold SHIFT on startup to bypass)
- Container Plugins (MultiFX, BandFX) can store presets now, containing other internal effects.
- Sustenuto and Soft Pedal support
- Full VST2.4 compatibility and major VST host upgrade
- Stream To File supports direct streaming into MP3 and OGG vorbis
- Ready for Windows Vista (run as administrator)

* Enhancements:
- Favorite Song folders (open/save dialog)
- VST/DX Plugins have automatically own preset folders in Presets\Plugins\
- Right click on empty playlist slot gives you insert generator menu
- Sampler shows program counts (SoundFonts, Kurzweil)
- Loading song shows load progress in status bar
- 'J' Jump to cursor added to Pianoroll (works during playback)
- Check for Updates feature (requires Internet connection to work)
- Playlist Timeline loop region snaps on bars when setting loop region
- Double click on Playlist Timeline starts playback
- Live Sets work now in Song recording mode (useful when doing pattern recording)
- Hardcoded FX colors added for skinning
- Added Main VU clipping led
- Audio Settings shows active ASIO latencies
- Easy MIDI Mode: Modulation Wheel is now fixed automation event on CC#01
- Rewire Host can be disabled, that way you can use another host at the same time
- Default Mixer Channel gain is now at -18dB (EBU digital 0dBu)
- For easier peak monitoring VU decay is now dB based
- Visual update speed is set in FPS now
- Many optimizations for smoother UI
- Audio Track's selected Audio Input shown on the track
- "Persistent Digital Signal" feature to prevent certain digital audio
  hardware (such as harman/kardon DPR1005/2005) from dropping and redetecting
  digital audio signal when using digital outputs of the soundcard
- DrumRack opens in 4xStereo by default
- Many zipper noise issues fixed, in particular in delay effects
- Greatly improved crash handling and logging into MiniDump files
- Last song and stream paths are remembered between sessions
- All effects have now own preset directories
- Orion Pro more compatible with Platinum songs
- Quicksave for effect presets too (Alt-L+S)
- VST/VSTi Mousewheel support on plugins supporting it
- With NUMPAD +/- you can change the PC Keyboard velocity

* Bug fixes
- now only one Tempo Editor can be opened
- Variable Filter CPU spike. Fixed.
- MIDI Controller assign goes to wrong VST event if VST has many events. Fixed.
- Metronome goes out of sync. Fixed.
- Some generators work improperly when Timebase is changed. Fixed.
- Scrollbars not functioning properly. Fixed.
- Humanize could corrupt patterns. Fixed.
- Ultran crashes on low notes. Fixed.
- Pianoroll Play Cursor not shown when dragging scrollbars. Fixed.
- Backwards compability problem with older than 6.0 era song files. Fixed.
- Invalid SoundFont loop-points caused playback problems. Fixed.
- ACM Compressed WAVE files could not be loaded. Fixed.
- Screamer could cause audio to stop. Fixed.
- WaveFusion crash on loading invalid wavetable files. Fixed.
- AD-1 did not use all 65 knob images. Fixed.
- Master bus solo/mute not working properly. Fixed.
- IRP knob values not shown on statusbar. Fixed.
- IRP crashes sometimes on IRP preview. Fixed.
- IRP crashes sometimes during streaming. Fixed.
- Rewire MIDI channels always mapped to channel 1. Fixed.
- Rewire can hang Orion in some cases. Fixed.
- In pattern mode playlist could make erratic song seek. Fixed.
- Correct VU metering on audio input monitoring. Fixed.
- Improved internal effects not to cause zipping on parameter automation. Fixed.
- Plate Reverb and UltraVerb denormals. Fixed.
- Invalid Time Signatures possible. Fixed.
- DX effect failing could crash Orion. Fixed.
- AudioTrack playback is now sub-sample accurate
- Note-offs and All-Notes-Off, All-Sound-Off now sent properly to VSTs when stop/panic
- Metronome goes out of sync when turning it on while playback. Fixed.
- Changing driver sample rate causes audio click/pop. Fixed.
- Loading corrupted wave file crashes Orion. Fixed.
- Selected MIDI In Devices are forgotten if device missing (ie. USB device). Fixed.
- Text drawing not working under Vista. Fixed.
- Graphical glitches on window borders under Vista. Fixed.
- VST parameter editors are linked with midi channels while they are channel independed. Fixed.
- Sometimes playlist paste behaves wrong. Fixed.
- Initial audio pops and crackles when changing to MME driver. Fixed.
- Autosave could save too early. Fixed.
- CPU auto stop could stop too early with certain VSTs. Fixed.
- Scrollbars don't occasionally get updated properly. Fixed.

* Technical Skin Changes
- VU meters use 3 frames, lit, unlit, peak
- master VU clipping led size set with TbMainVUMeterClipLed in
- several new color definitions in maincfg.txt
- TbMainVUMeterSpacing specifies master VU bar spacing in maincfg.txt

* System Updates
  It is recommended that system update kb319740 is installed for
  Windows XP users if it's has not been automatically installed.

Read more about Orion here.
Price: US$149

"Orion is a complete virtual studio software, including multitrack audio recording, a mixing desk with sub busses and effect returns, as well as powerful sequencers, generators and effects." Via