Synthesizer: Opulent Audio - bLO-FIsh


Opulent Audio launches bLO-FIsh, a LO-FI synth for Windows. Features:

-3 Wave Oscillators with Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Square and two different widths of Pulse waves.

-Audio quality is switchable between standard, 16 bit/44 khz operation and 8 bit/22 khz LO-FI mode.

-Graphic amplitude ADSRs.

-Output routing options to either filter, both filters, or no filter (straight to effects section).

-Hard sync feedback loop - each oscillator hard syncs to the next and #3 syncs to #1.

-2 Fast-response SV Filters with Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Band Reject modes.

-Graphic ADSRs routable to cutoff, resonance, or both. Control over amount of envelope applied.

-Pan and volume controls.

-Filters operate on a parallel basis (they are independent of each other).

-'CheapoDisto' - no frills distortion device.

-Efficient reverb unit. Normal, gated and freeze modes.

-2 Tempo-synced LFOs with wave modification options (shaping, folding).

-1 Free LFO,  2 - Graphic ADSRs (modulation also possible from velocity, aftertouch and mod wheel).

-16 step "Trance" style gate, synced to tempo. Mixes independently with all 3 Oscillators.

-6 slot Modulation Matrix with 8 selectable sources and 63 selectable targets, user defined.

Price 8 dollar. It covers all future updates and any new preset banks as they are released.


"Versatile 3 Oscillator LO-FI synthesizer. Not an emulation of any particular "chip", it's much more powerful than that. bLO-FIsh incorporates classic chip type (8 bit) sounds with more traditional synth elements to bring on a huge sonic range. Flexible, extensive modulation plus a 16-step gate for more musical and rhythmic options. Plus, bLO-FIsh has a distortion effect and a CPU-friendly reverb to garnish your 8 bit feast." Via