Music Player: AudioToolbar


I've got an email from the creator of a new cool music software. Not the usual kind of software I usually post here, but still cool. The software is AudioToolbar, that adds a music toolbar to the top of any website. This toolbar is very user-friendly and is configurable by the webmaster to play *any* Windows-compatible audio streams. Webmasters can also add an unlimited number of advertisements to the toolbar.


PHP radio toolbar, fully-customizable with unlimited streaming radio channels

Administrative control panel, complete with user-friendly customization of radio channels, advertisements, and toolbar logo

Ad placement with hyperlinks to sponsor web sites, controllable by the webmaster from an administrative control panel user interface

Compatibility with most major browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+ and Mozilla Firefox 2.0+

Free technical support for 60 days after purchase

Price: USD 39,95 (a bit hefty if you ask me)

"The radio toolbar from AudioToolbar is a revolutionary new concept in web site media." Via